Abelssoft Registry Cleaner


Clean your Windows registry and speed up your start time


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Abelssoft Registry Cleaner is a great program whose main function is to clean your operating system registry to optimize computer speed.

This program is very easy to use. Its simple interface has just two options, and you can use either with just a click.

On the Abelssoft Registry Cleaner interface there's a registry cleaning option at the top of the window and speed optimization at the bottom. If you select the first option, the program will look for errors on the computer. To get rid of them, click the same button.

The second option, in turn, will show you visual data on your computer's startup speed; when you activate an option to optimize its efficiency and effectiveness, it will ask permission to restart the PC.

If your Windows has slowed down, use this program to make it run as smoothly as it did on the first day and keep it that way.

Trial version is fully functional for 30 days.

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